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T.I.’s 14-year-old daughterDeyjah lingerie manufacturer Imani Harris curiously liked one of her father’s alleged side chick’s bikini pics! Why was she hitting up Bernice Burgos’s Instagramand what’s stepmom Tiny going to think when she catches wind of this?

This Wholesale Corset is so juicy! Bernice Burgos, 37, posted the sexiest bikini selfie to Instagram on April 16, and her fans were absolutely drooling. The gorgeous model got a whopping115,189 likes (and counting) on the pic posted in honor of her birthday, and one of them was apparently from T.I. s teenage daughter!

What?Deyjah wholesale bikinis Imani Harris, 14, apparently liked Bernice’s sultry pic one of two bikini shots before quickly unliking it. Deyjah goes by the handle princess_of_da_south, as shown below! It’s not shocking to know that someone liked Bernice’s pic; it’s awfully pretty. But the fact that Deyjah is on her dad’s rumored mistress page gives pause.

Maybe Deyjah was just curious to underwear manufacturer see what Bernice is all about. After all, she has to be a massive topic of discussion at home. Liking her pic could’ve been entirely unintentional too, a simple slip of the liking finger. We’ve all been there accidentally liking a pic of our crush from like, 2010 or something, right? It happens to the best of us!

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